My Brand of Storytelling

I am in the business of storytelling. 

My aim is to make the publishing process easier for writers and non-writers alike. I meet you where you are—edit your work remotely, coach you through the book-writing process and customize our pricing to suit your needs.

I hold space for those who don’t get to share their stories often. Let me help you tell the world about the time you won that award, what makes you stand out as a college applicant, or that important lesson you learned in your 20s, 40s or 60s.

The best part: today’s media world makes it easier to tell stories using multiple platforms. I offer services as simple as editing a resume or as complex as editing an essay with embedded multimedia clips.

Use writing and media to break down walls and engage people who think, live and read differently. Lack of time, capacity or big budget are no longer barriers to sharing your story with the world.

Teachers. Students. Grandparents. Executives. Travelers. 9-to-5ers.

Anything with words, Anyone with a story

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